Newsletter #8

Break Time

By Mavis Cox, author of the book
'Sewing 101 A Step by Step Guide
to Sewing Basics'

Mudgee, Australia


Yes, that's right, today I'll be discussing what you can be doing in your spare time...and of course it has everything to do with sewing!

Because I'm hoping that sewing becomes your hobby and passion, then there are things that you can be doing in your free time that will help maintain and arouse your interest even more.

Remember, how I suggested in an earlier newsletter to support and become a member of your nearest sewing guild, if you have one? You will therefore know that there are meetings organized, conferences that you can attend, a periodical magazine to keep you up-to-date, and many other ways and means of being involved with a community of people sharing the very same passion that you do.

Attend Sewing Conferences

More than anything else, these events are fun to attend! This is a chance to get out and discover more things about sewing and having a great time all at once. Just take a look at the images below from attendees of the American and Australian annual conferences. You may even wish to book your place at the next coming event!

Click here to find out more about conferences run by the American Sewing Guild

Click here to find out more about conferences run by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc.

As you can see from the images, these sort of events are fantastic opportunities to network with other people like yourself, plus get to hear and meet with experts in various related fields. You certainly will come to events like these as a reward for your sewing endeavours.

Read Sewing Magazines

You will pick up so much news and information by subscribing to some sewing magazines. You will also get to find out about any other events that may be coming up, or find topical question and answer segments that you should find helpful.

 I've given just some examples below that you may wish to consider, otherwise just go to your local newsagents or library to find your something that interests you.

Click here to find out more about America's Sew News

Click here to find out more about Australian Stitches (Craft Category)

Use The Internet

It goes without saying that the world is at your disposal now that we have the internet. One of the best uses is to belong subscribe to a forum board so that you can tap into a wide number of people potentially asking many questions that may be of interest to you. Just type in a few keywords into any search engine and you will be sure to find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds. This is a luxury that I never had for most of my life.

Visit Your Sewing Friends

Wherever you do make friends in your sewing journey, there is nothing better than sharing these times visiting each other, and talking over your respective projects. Even if you need to travel afar, you may even have made friends in places that you would otherwise not known a soul. For me, I can go to any number of country towns here in the state of New South Wales, and I've got a friend that I can drop in on. This doesn't happen overnight, but over an extended period of time I'm sure this will happen to you as well.

And Finally...

I'm sure that, with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless on what you can be doing when you are not actually sewing. The important thing is to keep active and alert, and meeting people will help this no end.

For now, this will be my last newsletter for the time being. Please let me know how you have found them to date. I will add more newsletters when I can find a few more topics that I think may be of help to you. Should I also discover anything newsworthy and current, I'll be sure to let you know as well.

In the meantime, I hope that my book 'Sewing 101' and these newsletters have been helpful for you to take the action needed to get started sewing. If you haven't yet ordered the book, you can do so by just clicking on one of the links to the main web page. I will be changing the bonuses from time-to-time, and will keep you informed about and changes or updates to the book as time goes by.

I'd also like to thank my nephew in London who has helped me put together this website. Without his help this would not have been possible.

Best wishes and God Bless,

Mavis Cox

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